Kami Dari Semua : Humor … Get Relax

                                              (Nguping jakarta)

Pengemis    	  :  ” Pak, minta, paak…”
Pria        	  :    (memberi Rp 10.000)
              	     ” Kembaliannya Rp 8.000 ya, pak… “
                       (pengemis memberikan kembalian Rp 9.000)
                     ” Pak, kembaliannya lebih nih… “
Pengemis   	  :  ” Iya, anggap aja sedekah, pak… “

                     HEWAN PEMARAH

Dedek        	  :  ” Apa nama hewan yang kalo namanya disebut pasti marah ”
Oyan          	  :  ” Hewan Buas kaliiii ”
Dedek         	  :  “ Bukan….. ”
Oyan          	  :  ” Ga’ tau ahhhh… ”
Dedek         	  :  ” Hewan yang bernama Oyan !!! ”
Oyan          	  :    ( Ga’ bisa marah… kalo marah berarti mengakui kalo dia
			 itu hewan )

                     MEMAKAN ORANG TUA (SADIS)

Anak 1   	  :  “ Kemarin tetangga gue makan orang tua ”
Anak 2        	  :  “ Ahhh yang bener, sadis amat tuh pasti masuk TV ya beritanya ??? ”
Anak 1        	  :  “ Ga’ tuh biasa aja, emang sudah biasa dia makan gituan… kan dia
                       emang suka ma Si Engkong wekekeeeeek”
Anak 2        	  :  # Dongkol mode On !!!


6 thoughts on “Kami Dari Semua : Humor … Get Relax”

  1. Hello again ,
    now y don’t onderstand a word , bath y thank you to visit my blog ,
    and by the way , a smile onderstand ereryware , ! I like smile have a great day !

    1. Yes hello again, we meet again..,

      You are right, smiles can be accepted and understood anywhere.
      Smile brightens and make our days easier and more beautiful.

      Lets start our day with 🙂

    1. Thanks for coming here Kswonder..,

      Bay the way, do You speak Bahasa ( Indonesian Language ) too ? Do you lough loud while reading this Jokes 🙂 If so, I feel happy.

      Hmmm where do You come from Kswonder?
      I have just visited your blog, unfortunately I do not understand the language used there. I’m so sorry for that, maybe I should learn this language 🙂

      Have nice day, wish You all the best…
      Keep in touch & Share with us

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