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Kami Dari Semua : Humor Paling Tidak Lucu – Unfunniest Jokes

Kami Dari Semua : IndonesiAn BlogWalker
//Unfunniest Jokes  That You Can Laughing At😆

  • Bobo;”Keep your dog away from me!”
    Bibi;”Don’t you know the proverb. A barking dog never bites?”
    Bobo;”Yes, but does your dog know the proverb?”
  • A guy calls the hospital…
    He says, “You gotta send help! My wife’s going into labor (going to give birth)!”
    The nurse says, “Calm down. Is this her first child?”
    He says,”No! This is her husband!”

Bisa jadi  humor-humor  ini tidak lucu TAPI lucunya sebuah humor adalah ketika humor itu sendiri tidak lucu Bukan? Bukankan itu lucu? o … Yuuk kita menertawakan Humor yang lucu dan Tertawa lebih keras untuk Humor yang tidak lucu !!! 😉

A political cartoon of Andrew Johnson and Abra...Funny Teacher Student Joke
Teacher :What happened in 1809?
Student: Abraham Lincoln was born.
Teacher :What happened in 1819?
Student: Abraham Lincoln was ten years old.

The well behaved son
Lady 1: My son is very well behaved.
Lady 2: How can you say that? Wasn’t he arrested and imprisoned for 5 years.
Lady 1: Yes, but he got out after 2 years for good behavior inside the jail.

Dumb and Dumber
Friend 1: Is it true that your wife talks to herself when she is alone?
Friend 2: I don’t know. I wasn’t with her when she was alone.

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Kami Dari Semua : a Rolls Royce Jokes

A man was buying a Rolls Royce and wanted to pay in cash, but he found he was $5 short of the $ 500,000 needed. Outside the car showrooms he saw a man selling newspapers… so he went out and asked Him :
“Could You lend me $5 ? I want to buy a Rolls Royce.”
“Sure,” replied the man. ” But look – here’s $10 buy one for me as well.”


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